President's Message

2014 Training Conference
Dates April 23- 26 2014
Memphis, TN
Agenda TBA

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The North American Association of Wardens & Superintendents (NAAWS) is committed to setting goals and achieving results that make a difference when it comes to jail and prison operations.

We believe we must respond aggressively to the needs of the men and women who run the jails/prisons of North America, by providing them with:

  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Training
  • Recognition

Our significant activities include Warden of the Year Award, "A View from the Trenches" , and Supporters & Promoters of American Correctional Association (ACA)'s Certification Program. One of our most important training activity is our collaboration with Sam Houston State University in the Warden's Peer Interaction Program.

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August 15-20, 2014
ACA Congress of Correction Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah

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We still need financial support to aid our Hospitality. Vendors should contact any officer or Gloria Hultz at 607-738-3374 (cell)


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A View From The Trenches, 2nd Edition ...
adds sections on Leadership and Reflections, with a wider geographic coverage. For more information, click here. To view a downloadable, printable order form, please click here.

See how CCA is making a difference

Congratulations! 2012-13 Warden of the Year

Robert Lacy, Jr.
Houston Processing Center (CCA)
Houston, Texas


During the Katrina/Rita crises in the gulf region, it became apparent to our NAAWS President that we lacked a method of communication to alert large numbers of our membership of developments in a timely fashion.

Since then we have taken steps to create an e-mail account, ‘NAAWSinfo@aol.com’, to be used for Alert/Flash Messages to our membership. This account will be used to send out group mailings of timely information on a variety of topics.

Members should be cautioned that this address will be reserved for one–way e–mail only. Members should not respond to Alerts that they receive.

In order to be placed on the e–mail list to receive alerts, please send your e-mail address (one time only) to NAAWSinfo@aol.com.


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